Agreement on the purchase and sale of real estate in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Real estate transactions in Bosnia and Herzegovina require special attention at every step, which includes the correct preparation of documentation, verification of documentation, and the realization of the contract itself in terms of payment of the agreed price, payment of real estate sales tax, and finally the entry of the new owner in the appropriate registers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The issue of buying or selling real estate in Bosnia and Herzegovina is important for both contracting parties, and both contracting parties necessarily need legal security in real estate transactions.

This law firm has advised clients with real estate in 100 different cases. During these transactions, we advised both buyers and sellers, and the transactions performed did not cause legal problems for buyers and/or sellers. Furthermore, we advised and represented buyers and sellers in real estate transactions within the framework of specific bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings.

In order to protect the interests of the buyer – among other things – attention should be paid to the regularity of the documentation, possible encumbrances, tax certificate for sellers, evidence of settled utilities for sellers, introduction of the buyer into possession, registration of pre-registration in order to prevent multiple alienation of the same property, and the transfer of money, obtaining a tabular statement, and conducting a procedure at the competent Tax Office in order to pay real estate tax. After paying the real estate tax, the buyer may register as the owner of the real estate in the land registry office as the owner, and in the competent cadaster as the owner.

On the other hand, it is necessary to protect the interests of the seller regarding the transfer of the agreed price, and the extent of liability for legal and material defects in the property.

This office has, among other things, advised and represented the contracting parties on the occasion of the conclusion and implementation of the Real Estate Purchase Agreement OPU-IP: 1348/2022 of 27 May 2022, and the Real Estate Purchase Agreement OPU-IP:1430/2021 of 30 November 2021. In addition, it represented the buyers of real estate sold in bankruptcy proceedings 65 0 St 450750 14 St before the Municipal Court in Sarajevo, and represented the sellers in liquidation proceedings number 65 0 lp 126081 19 1p 2 before the Municipal Court in Sarajevo in the process of selling real estate.

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