Foreigners' residence in BiH

Foreign citizens' right to stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina is regulated by the Law on Foreigners of BiH, the Law on Movement and Stay of Aliens and Asylum and the Rulebook on Entry and Stay of Foreigners on the Territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Upon arrival to Bosnia and Herzegovina, foreign citizens must register their residence with the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs – Field Offices or the competent organizational unit of the Ministry of Interior. After fulfilling this legal requirement, foreign citizens acquire certain rights and therefore avoid sanctions for non-compliance with legal regulations governing this matter.

If you are coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina as a tourist for a few days, registering your stay is a very simple process. However, if you want to stay on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina for a longer period of time, the process is somewhat more complicated and you may need professional legal assistance.

There are four types of stays: visa stay, visa-free stay, temporary residence and permanent residence. Each of these is approved on different legal grounds and certain actions are subject to deadlines, and there is also the right to enter and stay in the country for up to 90 days in any 180-day period.

A temporary residence permit may be granted on the basis of:

  • Family reunification;
  • Education;
  • Humanitarian reasons;
  • Work with a work permit;
  • Work without a work permit;
  • Other legitimate reasons;
  • Ownership of immovable property, subject to an effective connection with BiH.

Since our law office works with and provides legal services to many legal persons whose founders, authorized representatives or employees are foreign nationals, our expertise covers the work of foreign nationals in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We provide:

  • Professional assistance and counselling on entry into Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Mediation in obtaining the White Card from the competent authority;
  • Mediation and acquisition of work permits;
  • Execution of manager employment contracts;
  • Obtaining employment registration certificates;
  • Professional assistance and counselling when applying for temporary residence on any grounds;
  • Legal counselling and mediation when applying for permanent residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To learn more about the legal provisions relevant for entry, movement and stay of foreign citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina and registering your stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to get legal advice for your specific circumstances, please contact our office. We will gladly answer any questions about the application process and required documents and will find the best legal solution for you.