Commercial law

Commercial law is a broad body of law that regulates matters related to the legal position of companies and their relations in legal transactions. For this reason, our clients regularly need expertise and legal advice in their daily operations to ensure compliance with commercial and other legal regulations.

Law Office Rašid Haračić cooperates with a large number of local and foreign legal entities that need support in the domain of commercial law, with communication conducted in English and German on a daily basis. We take all necessary legal action on behalf of and for the account of our clients and strive to build long-lasting relationships marked by mutual trust and reliance.

Law Office Rašid Haračić provides services to legal and natural persons before courts and other competent authorities in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, related to formation, operation, management and dissolution of companies: unlimited joint and several liability companies (d.n.o.), limited partnerships (k.d.), joint stock companies (d.d.), limited liability companies (d.o.o.).

A company acquires the status of a legal entity on the date of registration in the register maintained by the court designated by the Law on the Registration of Business Entities in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our law office performs the following company registration services:

– Company registration – entry into the Register of Business Entities – company formation;
– Company status changes;
– Mergers;
– Acquisitions;
– Split-ups;
– Change of company type;
– Change of company business activities;
– Dissolution of the company.

For our clients, we draw up Company Formation Contracts, Articles of Association, amendments to the Articles of Association; register increases or decreases in company equity capital, changes in registered address and various other register entries; transfers of shares and roles; asset transfers; negotiations with banks and investors; formation of branches and subsidiaries. We provide services in all types of trade disputes, services related to the legal position of business entities, status of business entities, legal relations with other companies, collection of receivables, trade in goods, services, money and securities.

We initiate bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings and represent the parties in these proceedings, file claims and perform any related actions, provide legal counselling throughout the bankruptcy and liquidation process.

We strive to pay attention to each client individually on a daily basis and to look after their everyday needs, warn them of any legal obligations in a timely manner and independently take legal action on behalf of and for the account of our clients.