Labour law

Law Office Rašid Haračić represents employees and employers in labour disputes before courts and other competent authorities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For our clients, we draft employment contracts, provide counselling related to working hours, salaries, termination of employment contracts, exercise of rights and obligations arising from employment, peaceful resolution of collective labour disputes and other issues related to labour relations.

We would particularly highlight the following services:

  • Cancellation of unlawful termination of employment, including reinstatement;
  • Cancellation of decisions on unlawful employment;
  • Cancellation of all types of employer decisions;
  • Collection of amounts due on account of employment:
  • Payment of unpaid salaries;
  • Payment of compensation for overtime work;
  • Payment of the salary supplement due to special working conditions;
  • Payment of the difference in compensation for the use of annual leave;
  • Workplace mobbing;
  • Workplace discrimination;
  • Counselling and protection of employer’s interests;
  • Counselling and conducting procedures for cancellation of employment contracts;
  • Drafting documents for termination of employment contracts;


For employers required to have internal labour regulations, we ensure compliance of their labour regulations, collective bargaining agreements and employment contracts, as these documents must comply with the law.