Due diligence

Due diligence is a mandatory first step in the process of acquiring a specific company and includes an assessment of that company's present and future business risks.

In this process, the interested party, usually a potential buyer, performs detailed research and scans the company to determine the factual status of the company, its strengths and weaknesses, strategic and competitive position, and above all to identify risks and minimize their impact.

In due diligence, research includes:

– Tax and business/financial aspects of the business;
– Legal aspect of the business;
– Commercial aspect of the business;
– Operational aspect of the business;
– Technical aspect of the business.

Law Office Rašid Haračić independently and in cooperation with external associates performs comprehensive due diligence for its clients, performing professional and thorough checks in all of the above areas.

As part of due diligence, our team performs company assessments in the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina:

– Company liquidity;
– Review of employment contracts, business contracts, employer’s general acts and counselling;
– Ownership structure, financial investments, review and assessment of company operations;
– Identification of any active court proceedings in which the company is the plaintiff or defendant, including assessment;
– Company profitability and debt;

We provide our clients with detailed business research services for local and foreign companies operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including legal counselling services based on the results of due diligence, thus minimizing the risk for buyers in company takeovers.