Compensation for damages

Damage is any loss or injury of a person's subjective rights and interests protected by civil law, suffered against their will or due to a harmful event, which is subject to compensation by the responsible person. Damages are divided into actual damages and lost profits, while, according to the type of injured good or interest, damage can be material (property) and immaterial (intangible, moral damages).

Damage compensation is very common in court practice. You must be wondering why that is so? Harmful actions that result in liability for damages occur on a daily basis, and damage compensation is necessary for anyone who suffers tangible or intangible damages.

In a situation where you get the impression that, for example, insurance companies refuse to recognize the legal grounds for occurrence of damages or refuse to pay out the appropriate amount of compensation in an attempt to reduce their liability by exploiting the injured parties’ lack of experience, we advise you to engage appropriate legal support to protect your rights and interests.

We provide, inter alia:

  • Representation of injured parties in peaceful negotiations with the liable party or insurance company;
  • Drawing up out-of-court damage compensation claims;
  • Drafting notices of pending lawsuit;
  • Drawing up damage claims in civil proceedings;
  • Representation of injured parties in civil proceedings;
  • Filing ordinary or extraordinary legal remedies to court decisions on damage compensation.

Our law office has a high profile in the domain of damage compensation, so please feel free to contact us at any time.