Share deal in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) offer an effective avenue for growth, expansion, and resilience in the rapidly evolving business ecosystem. Whether your goal is to penetrate new markets, unlock synergies, or enhance financial strength, the team of experts is here to help you realize your M&A objectives.

The takeover of a one-person company implies that the buyer will buy ownership shares from the owner. By taking over the shares, the buyer becomes the owner of the legal entity and acquires the shares of the company, but also assumes all its existing and potential obligations and debts. With the company, contracts on rights and obligations arising from it are taken over. Such a transaction is called a share deal.

In principle, a share deal makes sense if the company to be sold (also called target company) is in a solid economic condition and the risks of the takeover are calculable. Since the previous company remains in existence, continuity is also ensured.

This is a particular advantage if the target company has a positive image and long-term (profitable) customer contracts, for example. Last but not least, a share deal is relatively easy to complete compared to other forms of company acquisition.

In the transaction in which the founder of this Legal Office represented a client regarding a Share deal in Bosnia and Herzegovina (German: Anteilsverkauf in Bosnien und Herzegowina), by the Decision of the Municipal Court in Goražde number 045 – 0 – Reg – 12 – 000046 from 22 June, 2009, the transfer of shares to the buyer was registered, which successfully concluded the transaction for both the seller and the buyer.

The transaction was preceded by comprehensive “due diligence” in which the buyer checked in detail the financial, legal, commercial and technical aspects of the object of purchase.

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