Procedure for Renouncing the Bosnian and Herzegovinian Citizenship

Citizenship is not only a legal status but also a deep personal connection to a country. However, there are situations when individuals, for various reasons, decide to renounce their citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This act is regulated by the Law on Citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is subject to a strictly defined legal procedure.

People may choose to take this step for various reasons, including but not limited to acquiring citizenship of another country, marital or professional changes, or simply a desire to sever all formal ties with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to the Law on Citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina, renouncing BiH citizenship is permitted on the condition that the individual renouncing it has secured another citizenship or is guaranteed to acquire another citizenship. The renunciation process must ensure that the individual does not become an apatride (a person without citizenship).

Submitting a written request to the competent authority is the first step. The request should outline the reasons for renunciation and provide evidence of the existing citizenship or guarantee of acquiring a new one. A valid identification document and documentation confirming the existence or promise of acquiring a new citizenship must be submitted. The competent authorities will verify whether all conditions for renunciation are met in accordance with national and international law.

After the verification process, the competent authority makes a decision to approve or reject the request for renouncing citizenship. In the case of approval, the process concludes with the issuance of a document confirming the renunciation of BiH citizenship.

The process of renouncing citizenship is complex and has serious legal consequences. Therefore, it is advisable to engage with professional legal assistance to ensure that the procedure is conducted in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations. Renouncing Bosnian citizenship is a legally sensitive procedure that requires a thorough understanding of legal provisions and procedures. If you are considering this step, it is important to approach the process informed and with an understanding of all your rights and obligations.

In front of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina on March 18, 2022, citizenship renouncing process was initiated, which was concluded in favor of the individual represented by our Law Office. This enabled our client to successfully acquire Austrian citizenship.

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