Amila Haračić

Legal professional associate

The Legal Trainee Amila Haračić graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Sarajevo in 2019. During her studies from 2017 to 2018, she completed additional training in the field of civil law and intellectual property law at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz, Austria.

She has been working at Rašid Haračić’s law firm since June 2021. She is currently taking the state law exam and will then enrol as a legal assistant at the Bar Association.

As she is determined to practice independently or in a law firm, trainee lawyer Amila Haračić plans to register as a lawyer with the Bar Association as soon as she has met all the necessary requirements.

In addition to her professional development, Amila lives out her passion for the outdoors through camping and mountain biking.

Her love of adventure and discovering new horizons outside the legal world adds extra dimensions to her life outside of the workplace. This passion for the outdoors makes her an extremely versatile and dynamic person, ready to take on challenges both professionally and personally.