Company Liquidation

Liquidations are conducted against legal entities, to fully settle all creditors of a legal entity by cashing its assets. If any other property values remain after that, the members of the legal entity shall be settled from the remaining property in proportion to their participation.

The bodies of the liquidation are: the liquidation judge and the liquidator.   As a rule, a member of the current body representing the legal entity should be appointed as a liquidator. The court may appoint another suitable person as a liquidator if there are indications that an orderly liquidation through the former members of the representation bodies would not be ensured.

In cases in which the founder of this office successfully represented the founders of the company, and on the occasion of the Company Liquidation (German:  Liquidation eines Unternehmens) before the Municipal Court in Sarajevo, case number 65 0 L 518864 15 L, the Municipal Court in Sarajevo issued a Decision on 11 July 2016, concluding the company liquidation.

Upon the finality of this decision, the said legal entity will be deleted from the register of the Municipal Court in Sarajevo.

The complete liquidation was carried out by the employees of this office in a very short period of time due to the fact that in order to successfully complete the liquidation, it is necessary to obtain a “clean” tax certificate, the job that requires – as a rule – several months of work and intensive cooperation with the Tax Administration in order to issue a certificate that the company does not have tax liabilities.

 By the Decision of the Municipal Court in Sarajevo number 065-0-Reg-16-003793 of 14 November 2016, the liquidated company was deleted from the court register.

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